Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One year old and we're still growing!

Growing pains at one year old? I don't think so.

We're kickin' and screamin' and our family is growing! Well, mostly just screamin' coz it was about 90F in our kitchen yesterday. But good news is we've got more smiley faces (wearing Smokin' tshirts) to greet you when you come by the window and/or truck!

Our truck will be out on the streets at our many many locations, still yet to be decided on times, days and locations. But we're definitely looking at 2nd and Folsom with OtG come early November (Fridays at lunch time!). And we're looking at other cities south of SF, including Brisbane!

We're bringing you our specialty and favorite smoked meats (brisket and pulled pork) on top of fresh buttery artisanal breads and our smoked rib plates! And just for fun, our ribs can come per piece. Sides come separately.

Stay tuned!


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