Monday, July 9, 2012

Remaining Food Truck Schedule for the month of July!

Food Truck Schedule for the month of July at Soma Streat food park on 11th and division near Costco downtown.
*Closing times may vary

July 11 - 5-10pm

July 12 - 11-3pm

July 13 - 11-3pm

July 14 - 11-3pm & 5-10pm

July 15 - 11-3pm & 5-10pm

July 18 - 5-10pm

July 20 - 11-3pm & 5-10pm

July 23 - 11-3pm & 5-10pm

July 25 - 5-10pm

July 26 - 11-3pm

July 27 - 5-10pm

July 28 - 11-3pm & 5-10pm

July 29 - 11-3pm & 5-10pm

July 30 - 5-10pm

July 31 - 5-10pm


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